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As 2020 continues to be the most challenging year in recent human history, many of us have given up parts of life that we enjoy. If you believe that there’s no escaping COVID-19, think again. While many traditional ways to travel do have restrictions, booking a yacht in the Caribbean is one of the safest and most amazing ways to get away from it all. Here are five ways that chartering a yacht in the Caribbean will make you forget 2020, at least for a while.

1. Privacy

Chartered in yachts in the Caribbean are booked on an exclusive basis. You have the utmost privacy on board, and the only time you see other human beings is when you dock and want to explore. Modern yachts are designed with privacy in mind, so you can even find relaxing and tranquil areas where the staff maintains a discrete level of service.

2. Luxury

A Caribbean yacht charter is the ultimate luxury escape. These vessels are designed with opulence in mind, from the build of the boat to the finishes in common areas and guest rooms. Bars are stocked with your favorite cocktail ingredients, wines, and more. The chef prepares whatever you request, just make sure to provide a menu before your arrival. From the linens to the finishes, luxury is the centerpiece of chartered yachts in the Caribbean.

3. Personalized Service

Chartered yachts in the Caribbean are staffed with a professional team whose only goal is to give you a superb experience. Every detail is personalized to your desires ahead of time, and you are the center of attention during your stay on a chartered yacht. All you need to do is ask, and it is delivered to you with warmth and a smile.

4. Fantastic Destinations

The Caribbean is an awesome place to visit and explore. A charted yacht takes you out to sea, but also docks in some of the Caribbean’s most beautiful and incredible places. You can spend some time ashore shopping, going to museums, dining at fine restaurants, and much more. The yacht staff can also arrange private shore experiences, such as beach picnics.

5. Safety

COVID-19 will be at the forefront of life in the near future, but you can enjoy your chartered Caribbean yacht knowing that the highest level of safety is being followed. You may still need to maintain social distancing and wear a mask at times during your travels, you are mostly alone with your family and close friends. When you are on the yacht, you don’t have to worry about other guests because you are the only guests on the vessel.